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ellen teaches creative writing for Santa Monica College's Emeritus program.  She has hundreds of poems published nationally in literary journals including Slant, Turnstile, ACM, Spillway, Mudfish, etc.  She has won awards from Z, Verve, Cape Cod Times, and others.
Mima Periera has had many poems published in poetry journals including Poetry/LA.  Her work was awarded in Anne Stanford's Poetry Contest which appeared in Sculpture Gardens Review.  In 1948 she came down with polio.  "She will never know how much it changed her life, or informed her poetry."
Shirley Love's poetry has been published in a number of literary journals including The Spoon River Poetry Review, South Dakota Review, CQ, West/Word and others.  Her work has been anthologized and nominated for a Pushcart Prize.  She is the recipient of The Language Arts Poetry Award from West Los Angeles College.
Anne Marple writes short stories, articles and poetry.  She has appeared in New Republic, GQ, Fantasy and Science Fiction, Teen, etc., winning writing awards from Vogue, Mademoiselle, Glamour and Everywoman.  Her poetry has won awards from Blue Unicorn and Writer's Digest.

ellen   mima pereira   shirley love   anne marple

  introduce their new book of poems

(with excerpts)

She has forsaken the mythic marble nudes caged in galleries,
relishing instead the curve of a syrup pitcher’s handle
or the wedded arcs of a lemon resting on a kitchen dresser shelf,
the breathing sculpture of a hearth-warmed cat.

from Lady Emma’s Choices—Anne Marple 

Chaff and straw bed made up in the barn 
where he lies awake 
no southern whisky or feather-down quilt 
in this loft in Kansas 

from Winnowing the Hay—Shirley Love 

A light rides east and west, circles the tin-wide ocean
is shaded sometimes in, sometimes not, by the tall and taller
buildings that shelter the streets like overgrown pianos.
Distant mountains stand dark, wrapped in their own shyness.

from An Illogical Light—Mima Pereira

Daybreak is never late enough
I try to swim back to a watery dream
of lips and hands and pelvis
but the sky walks over me

from Daybreak—ellen

To order 4los angeles poets, send check to Shirley Love in the amount of $17.50 per book ($16.00 plus 1.50 shipping and handling) and mail to:
Shirley Love
5073 Woodbridge Lane
Simi Valley, CA  93063

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