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June Melby is the author of Tub Toys recently published in Germany on Ubooks (2003) and on FarstarFire Press (2002). Her work has appeared in the LA Weekly, National Lampoon, and heard on National Public Radio and KCRW. She has two previous chapbooks, The Chicken Dilemma and Saltine Crackers Keep Me Alive (Laguna Poets, 2000), and has been anthologized in Dustup (2004), So Luminous the Wildflowers (2003) and others. She performs her work both here and abroad including three sell-out tours to England, Scotland and Germany in 2000 and 2002. 

happy first day of the year

(for Tina)

to add a customized stomachache to the document 
click on "file", "upset", "stomach", then select "my" 

to add a second column to the one currently marching across your hangover
click "column", "add", select "one thousand men", and then click on "heavy boots" 

to delete an item you no longer understand 
point at it accusingly, then click "file", select "last year" 

if you are still confused at this point 
log on, type in 
click "join" 

your status bar should indicate "still not dressed, but not yet concerned" 

to continue 
stare at the end of the cut blackened banana on your desk three days old 
and notice white dots - future mold on a brownblack horizon 

orange jellies in the aquarium 

they are floating little circus tents,
glowing and pretty, as they snare 
the creatures to their deaths
in delicate streamers 
not evil, just hungry like you or me, 
only seducing their food and then it dies later 
not happy to find it's not very circusy 

like we would stand in the produce aisle at Von's 
and wave scarves or belly dancing shawls 
and a pineapple or zucchini would fly towards us 
and we snatch it and run out the automatic doors 
giggling and tearing into its flesh with our teeth 

2004 June Melby


online at

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