Radomir Vojtech Luza, born in Vienna, Austria in 1963, owes his love of art and politics to his parents Radomir Sr. and Libuse Podhraska.  Radomir, who is the Poet Laureate of North Hollywood, CA and a Pushcart Prize nominee, attended Holy Name of Jesus Grammar School, Jesuit High School and Tulane University in New Orleans.  Luza is an actor, theatre critic, comedian, host and neighborhood council president. He has written twenty-six books, poetry and fiction, including a book for children. His most recent book of poetry is  New York Nadir, (2014.)   Edward Albee has described  Luza’s work as having “great honesty, pathos and darkhumor.” Luza is the publisher of the literary magazine Voices in the Library has had his work published in over 60 literary journals, anthologies and websites such as Poetic Diversity, Askew, Cultural Weekly and Bicycle Review locally and KYSO Flash, Nerve Cowboy, Pegasus, Spare Change, Writers of the Desert Sage, Sahara, Seldom Nocturne, Poetry Motel, Poet Magazine, The Aurorean, Poet's Attic, Black and White, Papyrus, New Laurel Review and RogueScholars.com nationally.  His poetry has appeared in Boston Globe, Lummox Anthologies I-III, Ne Se Hable Espanol Anthology, The Altadena Review and An Eye For An Eye Makes The Whole World Blind (9/11 Anthology). Radomir has featured his poetry at venues across the country over one hundred times. Luza has organized and hosted over a dozen readings in places such as New York City, New Jersey, Ft. Walton Beach, FLA and Los Angeles. He currently co-organizes and predominantly hosts UNBUCKLED: No Ho POETRY, the longest running literary series in North Hollywood, at T.U. Studios.



The Starbucks on West 6th matters tonight
It slices through the poetry critic in my head like
The birth of death

Over there on the intersection of asphalt and pain
the city stops making sense
It is a brown flamingo a flying submarine an
undiscovered leper colony

Girls walk down Superior thumbprints in caffeine
jungle nonfat milk not included
Boys sashay lake erie buttons bend below cuff
Water runs through levee of lips

Fish lying still
Finding me away from me
Raping the riverbed of retreat

The love we share
The backs I break
Cleveland free me
Squeeze me
Believe me

The easy way is getting harder
The numbness of instinct
The intrusion of genius
The arrogance of confidence

Your warehouses and flats
Buy words my sweaters take
My angels fake
My sister makes
Your rivers snake and shake through castrated
causeways and bulletproof headaches

At the parking lot across from the steak house I
park my ulcer red Pontiac rent-a-car
And give Sam the attendant four dollars.  I give the
homeless guy down the block 35 cents.  After buying
a plain dealer newspaper from a bilge box across the
street I admit it to myself: it is your people Cleveland
your black, your red, your white, your green
Your baritone meadows and your rustic rattlesnakes
You close earlier than death my Midwestern Mohawk
You open later than life ohio ovary
Over there by the chophouse children lean on
charred chandeliers and press tomatoes
Born while they ruled the universe in naked pinstripes
Cleveland you are my father
Guarding borders with a sunflower

Published in Lummox Anthology l and New York Nadir


Actually the subway moves pretty fast
for moving slow
tin heart aluminum wheels
sadistic master of surprise running neck in neck an
invisible ghost
swallowing timid time
love itself swallowing fly on frog's tongue
little girl angry flying now flying
then flowing underneath current
the innocent idiot takes me to king's bridge
and I realize the stop was missed and I scream
at myself quietly in a
cauldron of faces and spaces and the almost hefty
middle-aged woman
over there right there glances at me and I don't
know what to think and I wonder why I'm here
sitting on orange plastic looking at fiberglass in
new york, my new york doubling-back to Fordham
road and the grand concourse the course of dreams
and concourse of beaten paths the concourse of
interrupted magazines d train over easy d train in
b flat d train d train d train squared

from New York Nadir



Radomir Vojtech Luza



© 2015 Radomir Vojtech Luza


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